Using Kanbei in Akechi Mitsuhide raid

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Who is Kanbei?[edit | edit source]

(Castle Crusher) Kuroda Kanbei, a 4-star Water Strike unit.

Why Kanbei?[edit | edit source]

I know there are units that have slash-null for all allies in game but Kanbei fit perfectly in Akechi raid for some reason. Firstly, Kanbei is a 4*, easy to get. Secondly, one of Akechi’s behavior is attacking frontline first, Kanbei is a strike so she can stand closest to the boss compare to other slash-null units thus having more chance to use ex before Akechi using skill while also keeping Kanbei’s HP at safe amount herself. Furthermore, Kanbei is a unit made especially for Akechi raid, her first awaken skill (unlock at awaken +5) reduces damage taken from Akechi. This guide refers to when Kanbei have not unlocked her first awaken skill.

My Kanbei is dying so fast and it is too hard to keep her alive[edit | edit source]

That is why we are here. Note: I believe you can solo Akechi till she get to level 20 or at least level 15, when Kanbei is necessary in Akechi raid if you still want to solo her for more reward.

Where to spam Akechi raid? It seems random[edit | edit source]

When there is not raid event going on, using supplies on from chapter 1 to 4 in campaign mode will guarantee you Akechi raid when you encounter raid boss.

Do I need anything else beside Kanbei?[edit | edit source]

Yes, you do:

1. A pierce unit that learned Half Moon (a skill from Oichi no Kata).

2. A buff unit that can buff SPD for Kanbei (i.e: Yamauchi Kazutoyo, Izumo no Okuni, etc), if you don’t have AOE buff, you can still use single target buff but be sure that buff is going to be on Kanbei. If you don’t have any SPD buff unit, it is fine, just a bit harder than when you have one.

3. A healer, any healer that can heal Kanbei.

4. Optionally, bring a debuff remover to remove numb status for faster clear (i.e: Hogan-ji Kennyou, Hosokawa Gracia, etc).

5. Your Kanbei should have at least 100 fealty.

6. Optonally, your Kanbei learns Leech, a skill of Ukita Hideie, for more survivability.

I have everything I need, what to do now?[edit | edit source]

Then let’s go.

During Raid[edit | edit source]

For the first wave[edit | edit source]

Use this formation:

(1) A random slash unit.
(2) If (1) is a Light slash unit, bring a non-Light slash unit. If (1) is a non-Light slash unit, bring a 4* or higher Light strike, if you don’t have 4* or higher Light strike, bring a 3* or lower non-Light strike.
(3) Kanbei (always put Kanbei in (3))
(4) The pierce unit that learned Half Moon.
(5) The SPD buff unit, use the healer only if you don’t have SPD buff unit.

Reason for this formation

(1) or (2) dies after 2 hits from Akechi, Akechi attacks Kanbei after (1) or (2) died, providing Kanbei time to fill her ex bar and not too slow on using ex. Use Kanbei’s ex as soon as possible. Remember not to use (5)’s ex in this wave.

The best result after wave 1 should be: (1) or (2) dies, Kanbei has 30~50% HP left, (4) survive, (5) survive with fully charged ex.

Use those HP and EX fill potions you get if any for Kanbei, this is not actually necessary if your Kanbei has 300 fealty.

For the second wave and so on[edit | edit source]

Use this formation:

(1) Kanbei (always put Kanbei in (1))
(2) The pierce.
(3) The SPD buff unit, use the healer only if you don’t have SPD buff unit.
(4) The healer, if you already use the healer in (3), you can choose any unit (recommend dps) that stands BEHIND the healer in (3).
(5) Any unit (recommend dps) that stands BEHIND the healer in (3) or (4) OR the debuff remover.

Use SPD buff unit’s ex as soon as possible, use debuff remover’s ex after Akechi numbed your team.

Keep using this formation untill you beat Akechi.

Questions and Answers:[edit | edit source]

1. What so special about Half Moon?[edit | edit source]

Akechi’s special move attack random enemies, and you won’t want her to attack Kanbei. Half Moon is a knock back skill and its cd is synched with Akechi’s special move, preventing her from using it.

2. Other skills have knock back too.[edit | edit source]

Knock back is the most mysterious effect in this game, believe me, just use Half Moon.

3. The boss crit hit my Kanbei and Kanbei dies before using her ex.[edit | edit source]

Force stop the game and redo the battle if you want a fast raid. Otherwise invite other players.

4. My Kanbei died even though I did what you said.[edit | edit source]

There are 3 reasons behind this:

1. The boss changed her behavior (this happen rarely), in this case read Q3.

2. Your Kanbei is too weak to take 2 hits from Akechi, in this case, equip weapons that increase at much DEF as you can and/or upgrade Kanbei.

3. Your Kanbei is ‘too strong’, she can take 2 hits but doesn’t have ex bar filled and can’t take the 3rd hit, in this case, invite other players to beat that Akechi and wait till you can solo her again.

5. My Kanbei has unlocked her first awaken skill, what can I do?[edit | edit source]

If she can take 3 or more hits from Akechi while still can have ex bar filled in time, put her in (2) in wave 1.