(Lady Chacha) Yodogimi

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(Lady Chacha) Yodogimi 0.png
Title Lady Chacha
Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
Element Fire
Weapon Strike

(Lady Chacha) Yodogimi is a warrior in Sengoku Asuka ZERO.

Galley[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

One of the three Azai sisters, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi's second wife. As the mother of Hideyoshi's heir Hideyori, she wielded formidable power in court, and even led her clan in one final campaign of resistance to the Shōgunate in 1615. With a sultry, disinterested air, she's rumored to have brought more than a few women to their knees. She takes pleasure in the vices of the transient world, indulging in dice and alcohol to her heart's content.

EX Skill - I[edit | edit source]

Blazing Pillar I: Damage 3~5 foes; inflict Silence

EX Skill - IV[edit | edit source]

Blazing Pillar IV: DMG II to 3~5 foes; inflict Silence

Fixed skill[edit | edit source]

Oni-bi: DMG III and Burn to 1 back foe

Awakening Skill[edit | edit source]

Lady Chacha

・DEF Up: Big  (Unlocks at Awakening +5)

・Max HP Up: Med  (Unlocks at Awakening +15)

・Sleep Guard: 3x  (Unlocks at Awakening +25)

Fealty[edit | edit source]

Max ~ 500[edit | edit source]

You can increase up to 500 by using Ruby Gems.

Lesser Ruby.png Ruby.png Magnificent Ruby.png

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type ATK DEF Spec Master Obtained Trait
Parasol Hammer.png Parasol Hammer ☆☆☆☆ Strike.png +15.1% +9.9% ACC UP IV DEF + 1.4% (Lady Chacha) Yodogimi