(Charming Demon) Chōsokabe Motochika

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"Chōsokabe Motochika"
(Charming Demon) Chōsokabe Motochika 0.png
Title Charming Demon
Rarity ☆☆☆☆
Element Wood
Weapon Strike

(Charming Demon) Chōsokabe Motochika is a warrior in Sengoku Asuka ZERO.

Galley[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The 21st head of the Chosokabe clan of Tosa, she later conquered all of Shikoku. Her ambitions for more power continued up until the unification of the country under Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1585. Due to her pale skin and small stature, she's often called the Doll Princess. She dislikes being so short, but refuses any offers of help when getting things off of shelves. Unfortunately for her, this means she needs to hop up and down to try to reach... which is hardly any more dignified.

EX Skill - I[edit | edit source]

Heavensplitter I: Damage and Silence nearby foes

EX Skill - IV[edit | edit source]

Heavensplitter IV: DMG II to nearby foes; inflict Silence

Fixed skill[edit | edit source]

Flying High: Damage, knockback, Numb 1 foe

Awakening Skill[edit | edit source]


Fealty[edit | edit source]

Max ~ 500[edit | edit source]

You can increase up to 500 by using Emerald Gems.

Lesser Emerald.png Emerald.png Magnificent Emerald.png

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type ATK DEF Spec Master Obtained Trait
Tomb Smasher.png Tomb Smasher ☆☆☆ Strike.png +12.2% +7.8% ACC UP II HP + 0.63% (Charming Demon) Chōsokabe Motochika